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Serial EchoLink Adapter

EchoLink ® is a registered trademark of Synergenics, LLC

For those who like the reliability of Serial Port Control and have a Computer with a Serial Port or a USB to Serial Port Converter, Advanced Repeater Systems has a simple, low-cost EchoLink Adapter for you.

The new version is easier to use with larger solder pads for the computer audio and the radio/repeater interface.  The transmit audio has an improved lower output impedance (< 100 ohms) to drive virtually any transmitter.

Serial Port EchoLink Adapter Schematic and Installation Instructions.

The ARS Serial Adapter plugs into the Computer Serial Port (or a USB to Serial Port Adapter, available below) for control of PTT and if you have access to your radio's COS, a COS input.

Audio input and output plug into the Computer's Speaker Output and Microphone Input.  The ARS Serial Port Adapter has Audio Input and Output Potentiometers for precise adjustment of Audio Levels.

The ARS Serial Adapter provides the necessary interface signals to your radio or repeater:

Tx Audio Output- New Lower Output Impedance

Tx Key- Open Collector 2N2222, Pull to Ground, up to 500mA current sink.

Rx Audio Input- High Input Impedance designed for your computer mic input 

Rx COS Input- TTL Level, Active High or Low

LEDs for Tx Key and COS

If you do not have access to the radio COS, you simply select VOX input on the EchoLink Set-up.

The Serial Port EchoLink Adapter does not use audio transformers and opto-isolators for ground loop hum suppresssion; but rather a common return approach for use with a single point ground system, which is the most effective lightning protection method.

Provided (as shown above) without radio or repeater interface wires or computer audio cables.  Installation is relatively easy, but does requires radio interface knowledge, radio or repeater schematic diagrams, wiring and soldering skills.

Contact ARS at info@ARSrepeaters.com if you have questions or would like to order your EchoLink Serial Port Adapter.

Price: $29 plus $10 U.S.A. shipping (Priority Mail), handling & PayPal fees


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