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The Advanced Repeater Systems Radio Interface Adapter (RIA) is an extremely flexible device that can take audio from ANY Source and Interface to a Repeater Controller, a Transmitter, or a Control Console.

The RIA allows virtually any Portable or Mobile Radio to become a Remote Base or Link for your Repeater System without having to open up the radio and designing a complicated interface.

The RIA was originally designed for Public Safety as an Interoperability device to interconnection incompatible radio systems.  The RIA has since proven itself to be an extremely versitile repeater interface device.

Click Here for the RIA Functional Block Diagram.

Click Here for the RIA Schematic.

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The RIA utilizes a sensitive VOX to generate a Carrier Operated Switch (COS) Output and a High-Current, Open-Collector Transmitter Key Output. 

The RIA has an Adjustable Digital Audio Delay (DAD).  The DAD delays the Receiver Audio to allow time for the VOX to key the Repeater Transmitter, so no audio is lost. 

The RIA can also operate as a Repeater Maker.  Audio from any source can be paired with a Transmitter to instantly make a Repeater or Link to a repeater system.  The RIA generates Transmitter Key with an adjustable Transmitter Hang Timer and Repeater Transmit Audio Level Adjust.

The RIA can also pass Audio and Tx Key FROM a Repeater Controller or Control Console with Audio Level Adjustment.  Perfect for an Emergency Repeater Set-up. 

The above photo shows an ARS RIA linking an ICOM U82 D-Star Radio connected to an ACC RC-96 Repeater Controller on an Analog Repeater.  The RIA transparently links the D-Star and Analog systems together.

Set-up is quick and easy however, installation does require technical knowledge, soldering skills and interface wiring. 

Interface Cables for popular Handheld are available and installed for your particular application at no extra charge.

Contact Advanced Repeater Systems for more information and assistance interfacing your radios.

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International Orders, Shipping and Insurance is $25 for up to 3 boards.

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