Advanced Repeater Systems

Public Safety Systems

Over the last 20 years Public Safety Radio Systems have become Increasingly Complex, offering Improved Services, Features and Flexibility.  However, despite these Improvements Performance is often lacking and resolving Vendor and Design Issues can be Difficult. 

The Performance of your Public Safety Radio System is literally a matter of Life and Death especially when dealing with the Public and the Safety of your Officers who depend on the Quality of their Radio Link.

ARS Engineers are experts in Troubleshooting and Optimizing Public Safety Radio Systems Problems with Cost-Effective, High-Performance, Reliable Solutions. 

ARS is Independent of all Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers.
ARS supports both Analog and latest Digital Systems. 

Our Extensive Experience allows us to Analyze each Situtation for the Best Solution.

Our sole interest is making your Public Safety Radio System the BEST it can be.

Contact ARS for an Evaluation of your Public Radio System.

                                Advanced Repeater Systems

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