Advanced Repeater Systems

Lightning Protection

Advanced Repeater Systems Engineers are Lightning and Surge Protection Experts.  We have been Designing and Implementing Highly Effective Single-Point Lightning Protection and Radio Equipment Grounding Systems in some of the worst Lightning Prone areas in Florida for over 35 years. 

Lightning Protection is a science that goes beyond Electrical Code.  The Electrical Codes simply do not address Radio Equipment Protection from a Lightning Stroke. 

ARS Lightning Protection Systems are based on the Science of Lightning.  Every Lightning Current Path is Analyzed and Engineered to Safely and Effectively Dissipate the Lightning Stroke while Bypassing Sensitive Electronics. 

We use Proven Techniques and the Best Protection Equipment Available.
Don't Risk your Communications System to a Poorly Designed or Faulty Protection System.  We Know Best how to Protect your Equipment.

Contact Us for an Evaluation before Lightning Strikes! 

                            Advanced Repeater Systems 


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