Advanced Repeater Systems


Interoperability between Radio Systems is a Top Priority among Public Safety Agencies and First Responders. 

ARS solves Interoperability with the ARS Radio Interface Adapter (RIA).

The RIA is a Simple, Low-Cost Solution to Linking your Radio System with other Systems in your Area.

The RIA requires a Radio (mobile or portable) from your Radio System and a Radio for the System to be Linked. 

When a user appears on one System the RIA links the Signal to the other and vise-versa.

The RIA can also be Interfaced directly into a Communications Console to allow your Communications Center to Link to other Systems in your area.

The RIA utilizes a sensitive voice activated switch (VOX) and an Audio Delay for clear clean audio without missing or chopped audio. 

Set-up is Quick and Easy making it ideal for mobile command and Communication Centers, Portable Repeaters, Emergency Operations and Fixed Communication Centers.

Contact Advanced Repeater Systems for more information on the ARS Radio Interface Adapter.

Advanced Repeater Systems



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