USB EchoLink Adapter

Serial Port EchoLink Adapter with a USB to Serial Port Converter

USB EchoLink Adapter for Icom Portables
Sorry, USB EchoLink Adapters are out of stock and are being redesigned.
Advanced Repeater Systems

EchoLink Interfaces

Advanced Repeater Systems EchoLink Adapters are a simple and easy way to get on EchoLink.  

USB EchoLink Adapters are available with Speaker/Microphone connectors for most Kenwood, Icom, Yeasu, Alinco, Baofeng and Wouxun portable radios.

Put one of your unused radios to use as an EchoLink Node or Link to your repeater with an ARS USB EchoLink Adapter.

Hook-up is quick and easy.  Simply plug it into the USB  port of your EchoLink computer and the speaker/mic connectors of your radio, set-up the EchoLink Software and you are on the air.

Also available is a Universal Version of the USB EchoLink Adapter that you can interface to virtually any mobile radio, base station and repeater. 

For those who prefer direct computer connection for Tx Keying and COS, ARS has a low-cost Serial Port EchoLink Adapter.  This requires a computer with a Serial Port or the use of a USB to Serial Port Adapter, and connects to the computer's speaker and microphone jacks. Radio interconnect wires and computer audio cables are not included.

Installation of either the Universal USB or the Serial Port Adapters require technical knowledge, radio or repeater schematics, and soldering skills. 

Advanced Repeater Systems

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