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Audio Delay

The Advanced Repeater Systems Audio Delay Board eliminates repeated audio squelch tails using high-performance digital technology.

The ARS Audio Delay Board has high-isolation audio gates controlled by an active high or active low COS.  Delay time and audio level are easily set with potentiometers. 

The Audio Delay Board can be used as a Standalone Repeater Audio Gate or with any Repeater Controller to enhance the sound of your repeater.

Click Here for the Audio Delay Board Schematic.
Click Here for the Installation Instructions.

The ARS Audio Delay Board Features:
  • Small Size 1.12" x 2.2" (29mm x 56mm)
  • High Audio Input Impedance
  • Low Audio Output Impedance
  • Power On LED
  • Built-in Audio Gates
  • Adjustable Audio Level
  • High Impedance Active High or Low Audio Gate Control
  • Adjustable Delay Time from 30 to 250 mS
  • Extremely Low-Noise (<-50dB)
  • Low Power: 360mW, (<30mA, 8 to 15 volts DC)
  • High-Performance Digital Delay Technology
  • Can be used as a Stand-Alone Repeater Audio Control
  • Completely Eliminates Squelch Tails without Audible Clicks
  • Easy Installation with Double-face Tape, no Hardware Required

Below is an Audio Delay Board mounted on a Motorola Micor Repeater Audio/Squelch Board.  Here, the Audio Delay Board is the Repeater Audio Gate controlled by the active-low COS signal (the board has both an active high and an active low input, but only one is typically used and the other is left open).  Although the Micor has a dual mode fast/slow squelch circuit, the Audio Delay Board completely eliminates the squelch tails; greatly improving the repeater's sound and the user's experience. 

Installation is simple with five connections: Power, Ground, Audio In, Audio Out and COS (or CTCSS).

It is available with solder pads for wires (shown above), a 90 degree low profile connector or a straight pin connector.

This is an ARS Audio Delay Board installed on a VHF Motorola Micor with a Micro Computer Concepts RC-1000 Controller.

This is an Audio Delay Board installed in a compact dual mode GE MVP repeater.  The small size makes installation easy.

Improve the sound of your repeater by installing an ARS Audio Delay Board, you (and the repeater users) will be glad you did!

Price: $49.00 (Includes detailed Installation Instructions) plus $10 shipping & handling for up to 5 boards in the U.S.A. Click the PayPal button below for U.S. Orders.

International Shipping is $25 for up to three boards. Click the PayPal button below.  U.S. Customs requires full name and shipping address.

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