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Engineering Services 

  • Electrical Engineering Consulting
  • Radio System Design
  • Public Safety Systems
  • Interoperability Solutions
  • Communication Systems Evaluation
  • Legacy Analog and Digital Systems
  • Systems Analysis
  • System Optimization
  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Electrical Circuit Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Design

Products for Radio and Repeater Systems

  • Custom Repeaters
    • General Electric and Motorola Mobile Radio Conversions
    • Custom Repeater from Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu Mobile Radios
    • D-Star® Repeaters built with available Node Adapters
    • Stand Alone D-Star Repeaters with the ARS D-Star Repeater Controller
    • EchoLink and AllStar Adapter Interface and Installation
    • Repeater Controller Interface and Installation
    • Conversion of your Radio
    • Dual Mode-Analog and Digital Repeaters
  • USB AllStar Radio Interface Adapters
    • Models with Speaker/Mic Plug for many popular portable radios
    • Universal Version that can be interfaced to any Radio or Repeater
    • CM108 chipset
  • USB Winlink Adapters
    • Models with Speaker/Mic Plug for most portable radios
    • Universal Version that can be interfaced to any Radio or Repeater
  • USB EchoLink® and Radio Interface Adapters
    • Units for most Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu portable radios
    • Simple installation USB to Radio Speaker/Mic Connector
    • Plug and Play
  • D-Star Repeater Controller
    • Everything you need to make a GMSK or D-Star Repeater
    • Link Repeater to your existing Repeater or Hot-Spot
    • Easy conversion of most Analog Repeaters
    • Requires Receiver and Transmitter designed for Data
    • Direct Discriminator Connection
    • Generates GMSK Transmit Waveform
    • Detects and Generated Transmitter Key
    • Data Delay to allow Transmitter to Stabilize
    • PLL Acquire, Lock and Free-Run Modes
    • Status LEDs for Power, S/N, Lock, Free-Run and Tx Key
    • Easy Installation
  • Serial Port EchoLink® Adapters
    • Compatible with Portable, Mobile, Base and Repeater Radios
    • Direct PTT Control
    • Direct COS Input or VOX Control
    • Low Cost
  • Radio Interface Adapters
    • High-Performance Voice Operated Switch (VOX)
    • Digital Audio Delay for No Lost Audio
    • Generates Carrier Operated Switch (COS) Output
    • Interface any Audio Source, Portable or Mobile Radio to Any Controller
    • Interoperability Solution
  • Repeater Maker
    • Generates Transmitter Key or COS Output
    • Adjustable Transmitter Hang-Timer
    • Receiver Digital Audio Delay for No Lost Audio
    • Adjustable Transmit Audio Level
    • Audio Input from any Audio Source
  • Audio Delay Board
    • Squelch Tail Eliminator
    • High-Performance Digital Audio Delay
    • Extremely Low (less than 50 dB) Noise
    • Adjustable Delay from 25 to 250 mS
    • Small, Easy Installation
    • Internal High Isolation Audio Gate
    • Active High or Low Audio Gate Control
    • Adjustable Audio Level
    • Can be used as a Stand Alone Repeater Audio Gate
  • Repeater Transmitter Control Board
    • Generates Push to Talk (PTT)
    • Open Collector Tx Key
    • Transmitter Hang Timer (2.5 seconds)
    • Beep Tone (Courtesy Tone)
    • LED Indicators for Power and PTT
    • Active High and/or Active Low Input
    • Low-Cost

Advanced Repeater Systems


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